I'm a cynical indie author/artist and a huge movie buff with a dark sense of humour. I specialize in B&W art mostly, though I'm practicing coloured work, too. Action, horror, surreal images from my head go here. Welcome to my abyss of sin and sarcasm.

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CobaltRogueX's News

Posted by CobaltRogueX - January 1st, 2022

I didn't make my publication goal but I did get a fair amount of work done still. This year has not been too kind to me but fingers crossed for 2022. Please don't suck...


Posted by CobaltRogueX - May 2nd, 2021

Got a few plans for this year--to get a decent job (doubtful these days, lol), to paint very well, and to publish three more works this year. Got two of them almost finished, which is a big yay for me. I already published one this year, called BODYCAM: the story of a grieving husband struggling to protect his daughter from something that wants in. It starts with mysterious and disturbing videotapes arriving at his house. When that doesn't work, they try a more direct tactic. This is a horror novella that I'm pretty proud of. If you're interested, you can check it out in the links below!

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Paperback

Kobo E-Book



Posted by CobaltRogueX - March 16th, 2021

Alright, got 'er inked! I want to do a few more practice pieces before I go ahead and run paints over something this intricate. If I can get more successes like Death Awaits I think that's when I'll tackle this one. I need to get the hang of skin tones and steadying my hand for more intricate details. Kind of excited.



Posted by CobaltRogueX - February 10th, 2021

A quick preview for something I plan on doing over in watercolours once I get the inking done. Just a matter of getting markers that won't smear when wet. Currently waiting on finer-tipped pens for that purpose to fill in the little details.


Will probably do one or two more drawings before I get back to finishing this one, at least till those markers arrive. Stay tuned.



Posted by CobaltRogueX - December 31st, 2020

I sure hope after the disaster that was this entire year, things improve for us all. Stay safe and best of luck to us all.


Posted by CobaltRogueX - November 28th, 2020

Hello, everyone. Hope you're all having a decent November. Allow me to shamefully advertise one of my books. Mwahahaha.

With the holiday season right around the bend, stress levels are probably at an all-time high this year. Need some action to unwind? If you're lookin' for something with a little holiday cheer, check out COBALT CHRISTMAS: A COBALT ROGUE STORY on Amazon Kindle and paperback, as well as Kobo e-books! One does not need to go through the currently available volumes in the FINAL APOCALYPSE SAGA to understand the characters or the plotline; COBALT CHRISTMAS provides new readers with an alternative introduction to Damian Warkowski and the crazy world that hates him.

Set separately from the FAS, COBALT CHRISTMAS follows Damian as a 21-year-old mercenary embroiled in an internal conflict between law enforcement agencies of Cryo City that explodes into a crisis involving poisoned eggnog, sentient limbs, a cocaine empire, and a conspiracy of vengeance.





Posted by CobaltRogueX - October 2nd, 2020

I'm excited about this spooky season. Why? Because the annual Inktober challenge keeps me motivated to do more work. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this year. Last year I only got about four or five (if that) pieces done. Starting day three's, and hoping I can stay ahead!

Also, for anyone who might be interested, I have a horror novel out that's perfect for the season, called SHE WATCHES ME BURY HER.

"One fateful Friday in October of the year 2000, at 6:52 PM, Cameron Morgan will kill his wife and bury the remains in the backyard.

He's been doing it every night, for years. The problem isn't necessarily that Cameron keeps killing his wife.

The problem is that his wife keeps coming back.

Things are different this time. Over the course of a single weekend, Cameron and their three children are about to witness just how dangerous mommy dearest can be--and mommy will test the limits of how far a desperate father will go..."


Lulu Paperback

Amazon Paperback

Happy spooks!



Posted by CobaltRogueX - June 21st, 2020

Well this year has turned out to be a ripe bowl of shit, hasn't it? The world's a mess. I am also a mess. We're all suffering our own internal chaos it seems. If this is the true start to a brand new decade, I am not impressed. Ah well...

Life is full of disappointments. I'm sitting here hoping people hold on to this crazy boat ride a little longer. Remember that Guts was stuck on a boat for ten years. This shit isn't lasting ten years. I guess that's something, right?

Motivational speeches were never my thing. Think I'll stick to drawing and writing weird shit.

Speaking of which, I finished a book not too long ago; if you're interested, feel free to keep reading, wheeee.


Michael is a rare breed: he's a man capable of jumping from dimension to dimension. The only requirement is that he has to jump from a certain height off the ground. Naturally, he discovers that he has this power when he attempts to end his life and leave this cruel world forever. The discovery doesn't really change his goal much--not that discovery.

When he meets Charlotte, however, everything changes. The world becomes a brighter place. She makes life worth living.

Then she is cruelly taken away from him, but Michael refuses to accept her sudden departure. Using his dimension-jumping capabilities, Michael sets out on a tireless journey across time and space to find his true love and save her from her fate.

He doesn't understand what kind of trouble he's about to get himself into...

[Originally published in 2015 in the independently published, collaborative anthology 'Reality Glitch''Jumping for Charlotte' gets its very own publication for the first time. Newly edited, extended, and improved, this new Dark Brothers Presents...novella edition of the original tragic romance short story now comes with written material never published before!]

Available on these platforms:

Amazon Paperback & Kindle

Kobo E-Book

Posted by CobaltRogueX - December 31st, 2019

2020 hindsight, so to speak. To look at what's happened, to change the future with... new years resolutions. Do I have a few? Maybe.

Maybe I'll read fifty or more books.

Maybe I'll draw more, and actually improve this time.

Maybe I'll finish writing my own books, the ones I've been writing since 2015. It's been long enough. Christ.

Maybe I'll buy less movies and put that money into my savings, instead. Or my credit card. Finally.

Maybe I'll hang out with my friends more often.

Maybe I'll let my buddy Tyler pick the movies more frequently. But after Rat Race and Psych, I doubt it.

Maybe I'll try to be nicer, and more fun to have around.

Maybe I'll tell more people who deserve it to kiss my ass, or if they really want to go the extra mile, to sit on a cactus and rotate. They are few, but they are also fuckers, living it up like what they did doesn't matter to them, because they did it to certain others who have to live with it. Maybe someday it'll bite them.

Maybe I'll try to let off some of that deep-seeded anger in healthier ways....

Maybe I'll learn to tell better jokes.

Happy New Year...



Posted by CobaltRogueX - December 7th, 2019

Hi, guys! Don't mind me, just running an advertisement, I suppose. Being that it's Christmas, I thought it would be cool to share my novel themed around the holidays for your curiosity (and why not?).

It's that time of year again when the snow is everywhere, the songs are jolly, the houses are dressed all pretty, and the children are singing...

So how about something a tad... darker?

COBALT CHRISTMAS, a story about a super-powered terrorist-for-hire named Damian and his no-nonsense girlfriend named Jenny as they spiral head-first into a conspiracy involving deadly eggnog and a bank robber who can't die--just multiply. Something much bigger than a few bank jobs is going down, and the two dysfunctional lovebirds have until Christmas Day to find out what it is and stop it--before all hell breaks loose.

Celebrate this holiday season with a resounding bang

As Damian faces a threat to Christmas and the rest of his gang

With plenty of action, suspense, and lots of good cheer

Can these flawed motherfuckers live to see the new year?