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I'm a cynical indie author/artist and a huge movie buff with a dark sense of humour. I specialize in B&W art mostly, though I'm practicing coloured work, too. Action, horror, surreal images from my head go here. Welcome to my abyss of sin and sarcasm.

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A safe house on Earth

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2020 hindsight, so to speak. To look at what's happened, to change the future with... new years resolutions. Do I have a few? Maybe.

Maybe I'll read fifty or more books.

Maybe I'll draw more, and actually improve this time.

Maybe I'll finish writing my own books, the ones I've been writing since 2015. It's been long enough. Christ.

Maybe I'll buy less movies and put that money into my savings, instead. Or my credit card. Finally.

Maybe I'll hang out with my friends more often.

Maybe I'll let my buddy Tyler pick the movies more frequently. But after Rat Race and Psych, I doubt it.

Maybe I'll try to be nicer, and more fun to have around.

Maybe I'll tell more people who deserve it to kiss my ass, or if they really want to go the extra mile, to sit on a cactus and rotate. They are few, but they are also fuckers, living it up like what they did doesn't matter to them, because they did it to certain others who have to live with it. Maybe someday it'll bite them.

Maybe I'll try to let off some of that deep-seeded anger in healthier ways....

Maybe I'll learn to tell better jokes.

Happy New Year...




I've never done commissions before, but I'll try it out, see how it goes. I'll open two slots for now.

$10 CAD for a regular sketch/basic ink job (see Blissful Death Frenzy as a reference to this--it didn't take me long to do).

$20 CAD for a detailed ink work (see Embers of Hatred for reference)

$40 CAD for a detailed coloured work (see Cobalt Christmas - Terrible Trio 2 for reference)

Payments through Paypal; one can message me through here or through PM on any of my listed social media outlets. Pay half at the start and pay the other half once completion has been confirmed.

Damn, that sounds super formal. I'm an easy guy to talk to, and I'll be giving you updates and showing you where I'm at whenever you ask (just don't ask too often lol). I'm very busy IRL so give me about a month to complete them. They will always be near the top of my priorities list. :)

Only things I won't draw are furry porn, gore porn, extreme porn, scat porn, none of that stuff. However, I will listen to every idea and I am not judgmental so whatever your ideas are, throw 'em at me!


Anyway, wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays! :D

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