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I'm a cynical indie author/artist and a huge movie buff with a dark sense of humour. I specialize in B&W art mostly, though I'm practicing coloured work, too. Action, horror, surreal images from my head go here. Welcome to my abyss of sin and sarcasm.

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CobaltRogueX's News

Posted by CobaltRogueX - December 16th, 2018

I've never done commissions before, but I'll try it out, see how it goes. I'll open two slots for now.

$10 CAD for a regular sketch/basic ink job (see Blissful Death Frenzy as a reference to this--it didn't take me long to do).

$20 CAD for a detailed ink work (see Embers of Hatred for reference)

$40 CAD for a detailed coloured work (see Cobalt Christmas - Terrible Trio 2 for reference)

Payments through Paypal; one can message me through here or through PM on any of my listed social media outlets. Pay half at the start and pay the other half once completion has been confirmed.

Damn, that sounds super formal. I'm an easy guy to talk to, and I'll be giving you updates and showing you where I'm at whenever you ask (just don't ask too often lol). I'm very busy IRL so give me about a month to complete them. They will always be near the top of my priorities list. :)

Only things I won't draw are furry porn, gore porn, extreme porn, scat porn, none of that stuff. However, I will listen to every idea and I am not judgmental so whatever your ideas are, throw 'em at me!


Anyway, wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays! :D


Posted by CobaltRogueX - December 3rd, 2018

Hi, everyone.  Glad to be here.  I don't know how to make gifs or animate right now, but maybe someday.  Who knows.  For now I'll just be posting my drawings (most of which is pretty SFW anyway, but who knows, maybe somewhere down the line...).  I considered using Tumblr as a means of expression as well as subtle advertising for my books (you know, not blatant, but stuff like "Oh hey, if you like these characters I'm drawing, you can read about them too if you like, just follow the links on my profile" sort of thing).

I don't like censorship.  I don't censor.  At all.  I don't do it as an "incentive" to buy something just to see the uncensored version of something.  I don't like any practice that has to do with censorship.  I'm glad I didn't invest too much into Tumblr but I feel for all those who did, and it literally angers me to no end, and I don't want anything to do with it.  ...On the bright side, I freed up about 200 MB of space on my phone, lol......

Anyway.  I'm pretty open about most things; what I like, who I follow, what I like about who I follow, that sort of thing.  Looking forward to connecting with them on here as well as Twitter (if I haven't already done the latter).  I like making friends.  I could use some after a turbulent year.  I welcome new faces and I welcome any and all critiques I get, so critique away!  I know my sense of humour and interests may bug some people so if they do then that's okay too; I'll acknowledge it, but I will not change to cater to someone unless it's come to my attention that I'm way out of line about something.  Hopefully that doesn't happen, but everyone fucks up once in a while, lol.

Despite my cynical nature, I will try to look forward to a (hopefully) brighter future.  I could certainly use the change of pace.

Thanks for having me here, guys..