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I'm a cynical indie author/artist and a huge movie buff with a dark sense of humour. I specialize in B&W art mostly, though I'm practicing coloured work, too. Action, horror, surreal images from my head go here. Welcome to my abyss of sin and sarcasm.

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Well then...

Posted by CobaltRogueX - June 21st, 2020

Well this year has turned out to be a ripe bowl of shit, hasn't it? The world's a mess. I am also a mess. We're all suffering our own internal chaos it seems. If this is the true start to a brand new decade, I am not impressed. Ah well...

Life is full of disappointments. I'm sitting here hoping people hold on to this crazy boat ride a little longer. Remember that Guts was stuck on a boat for ten years. This shit isn't lasting ten years. I guess that's something, right?

Motivational speeches were never my thing. Think I'll stick to drawing and writing weird shit.

Speaking of which, I finished a book not too long ago; if you're interested, feel free to keep reading, wheeee.


Michael is a rare breed: he's a man capable of jumping from dimension to dimension. The only requirement is that he has to jump from a certain height off the ground. Naturally, he discovers that he has this power when he attempts to end his life and leave this cruel world forever. The discovery doesn't really change his goal much--not that discovery.

When he meets Charlotte, however, everything changes. The world becomes a brighter place. She makes life worth living.

Then she is cruelly taken away from him, but Michael refuses to accept her sudden departure. Using his dimension-jumping capabilities, Michael sets out on a tireless journey across time and space to find his true love and save her from her fate.

He doesn't understand what kind of trouble he's about to get himself into...

[Originally published in 2015 in the independently published, collaborative anthology 'Reality Glitch''Jumping for Charlotte' gets its very own publication for the first time. Newly edited, extended, and improved, this new Dark Brothers Presents...novella edition of the original tragic romance short story now comes with written material never published before!]

Available on these platforms:

Amazon Paperback & Kindle

Kobo E-Book


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